BLOG for jewelry made by hand

Hello and welcome to my blog. 

The purpose of this blog is to discuss subjects about jewelry made by hand, to share tips and technique about silver jewelry, such as how to take care of your sterling silver jewelry, the meaning of some terms use in the industry, as well as tips and techniques about making jewelry by hand. Also  occasional behind the scenes and tutorials will be shared. 

In addition to offering handmade jewelry, there are also some jewelry making tutorials available to help you create some designs. You will also find some free wire wrapping jewelry tutorials here. A little bit about myself: My name is Colette Kimon ( or Coco), I am a jewelry a self taught jewelry artist and I have been making Jewelry since 2005, and teaching jewelry classes for the last 10 years. My work has been featured in the September 2011, spring 2013 and Fall 2012 issues of Wire work Magazine, and has also been published in the book: Bewitching Bead & Wire Jewelry: Easy Techniques for 40 Irresistible Projects. I just hope this blog will be helpful for many people. I hope you stick around. As I continue to grow as a jewelry artist, I will share my knowledge about handmade jewelry.