What is the birthstone for june

June 02, 2021

What is the birthstone for june

 There are 2 birthstones for the month of June, and those are Pearl and Alexandrite. Two very unique and different gemstones in regard to how they look, and how they are created.

Pearls have always been popular in jewelry because of their natural magnificence. Pearl jewelry have always been associated with elegance and class.  Alexandrite gemstones are incredibly uncommon and alluring since they change color depending on the lighting.


pearls and gemstones earrings in sterling silver


One of the things that make pearls are unique is because they are the only gemstones that are created by living creatures. Oysters and mussels produce pearls, when an irritant is introduced inside their shell. In defense, the mollusk starts coating the irritant with multiple layers of nacre, leading to the pearl being created. This process used to occur randomly, by chance and takes a few of years, which made pearls extremely rare and valuable. Today, pearls are much more affordable because the introduction of culture pearls. They are different types of Pearls, such as Tahitian and Akoya pearls to name a few, they each have their own unique appearance.





Alexandrite is often referred to as “Emerald by day, ruby by night,” because of its unique ability to change color in lighting. From green to red, depending on lighting conditions. Originally discovered in Russia, they were extremely prized and popular with the aristocracy, and they are still expensive to own. Currently, they are only a few alexandrite mines around the world.

According to Gem Society the gemstone was named after Prince alexander II of Russia. According to the story, Emerald miners thought they had collected a few emeralds, but were perplexed when they discovered that the stone’s color went from green to a magnificent red when they were sitting by the campfire. That’s when they came to realized they had discovered a different gemstone.



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